Nut-Tool Drill-Adapter Rivet-Gun Electric Insert With100pc

    Nut-Tool Drill-Adapter Rivet-Gun Electric Insert With100pc Specification & Description Summary

    Nut-Tool Drill-Adapter Rivet-Gun Electric Insert With100pc Specification

    • Brand NameDTBD
    • UsageHome DIY
    • Power TypeElectric Rivet Guns
    • Riveter Gun TypeRivet Nut Guns

    Electric Rivet Gun 2.4mm-4.8mm rivet nut drill adapter riveting tool Insert Nut Tool with100PC rivet

    Small size and easy to carry, more efficient. Lower noise.
    A horde of rivets function, pull a good effect that it does not waste a rivet.
    Can complete drilling, pulling rivets and screwing, as long as you have a drill.
    Contrast with the traditional riveter:
    Hand riveters is laborious and inefficient.
    Traditional electric rivet gun is heavy, not portable, noisy and drop rivets. The internal structure is easily damaged. 
    Hold the riveter body, drill reversed. 
    When you hear "da da da", the screws can be inserted into the nozzle. 
    Using the wrench to install the right size nozzle. 
    Using the wrong size will get stuck.
    Package includes
    1 * Rivet nut gun set
    100PC rivet
    1. Black carbon steel conversion gun head (inner shell)
    2. Black carbon steel increases the core (anti-rust)
    3. Aluminum alloy body (shell)
    4. Aluminum alloy steel conversion gun head (outer casing)
    5. Aluminum three-prong piece
    6. Thickened strong spring
    7.CR-V hex handle



    1. Lithium drill is adjusted to the appropriate gear
     2. Open the drill chuck, insert the adapter link adapter to the lithium drill, and turn the clamp
    3. Turn on the power drill reversal function until you hear the sound of "dadada"
    4. After hearing the sound of "dadada", put the rivet of the appropriate size.
    5. Turn on the forward rotation function of the drill, and insert the rivet into the hole.
    6. Turn the drill to reverse the function and exit the rivet.
    Product Details
    Nut-Tool Drill-Adapter Rivet-Gun Electric Insert With100pc

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