IPASON Gaming Pc Ssd Desktop AMD Ryzen3 CHEAP 2200G/DDR4 Quad-Core 8G 240G SSD/1T RAM/120G

    IPASON Gaming Pc Ssd Desktop AMD Ryzen3 CHEAP 2200G/DDR4 Quad-Core 8G 240G SSD/1T RAM/120G Specification & Description Summary

    IPASON Gaming Pc Ssd Desktop AMD Ryzen3 CHEAP 2200G/DDR4 Quad-Core 8G 240G SSD/1T RAM/120G Specification

    • Brand NameIPASON
    • PortHDMI
    • Hard Drive Capacity120GB
    • Memory Capacity8GB

    1. First-class game performance: With powerful hardware and easy-to-customize features, you can get all the features you need to run the most demanding games such as Fortnite, PUBG and World of Warcraft.2. Ultra-fast processing capacity: 2200G, 4 cores and 4 threads, main frequency 3.5GHz, support turbo frequency acceleration technology, dynamic acceleration frequency 3.7GHz, strong performance, with Vega8 core display, super cost-effective. Compared with 2200G, the architecture of 3200G is upgraded from 14nm Zen to 12nm Zen+, the main frequency is 3.6GHz, and the dynamic acceleration frequency is 4.0GHz.3. Realistic graphics: APU has its own graphics card Vega 8, its performance can far exceed UHD630, basically comparable to the performance of GT1030, in the built-in core display, the core display performance is second only to Ryzen5 2400G built-in Vega 11.4. First-class storage: 120G/240G SSD takes up less space and loads all games faster than traditional hard drives. Enjoy immersive games and fast file transfer without worrying about slow loading time, plus 1T HDD super large storage capacity. If you need more space, please contact cusomer service to add additional storage capacity. We will meet all your needs~5. Cooling fan: In addition, this Intel desktop gaming computer with a cooling fan and customizable RGB LED has a sense of fashion. In order to ensure the effect of the picture, we installed 6 fans to shoot, the actual number of fans is subject to the actual received goods. If you have requirements for the color and quantity of the fan, please communicate and negotiate with the customer service when placing an order. Thank you for your understanding.

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    1.I am very glad that you are interested in our products. Here is a description of the pictures and real objects of the products: If you find any discrepancies with the pictures after receiving the goods, please take a video and send it to our mailbox as soon as possible. Explain what happened when you unpacked the package. I suggest that you contact our customer service after payment to confirm check all the details of the accessories before delivery, due to the angle of shooting, the goods you receive may be slightly different, if it does not affect your use, I hope to get Your satisfactory evaluation~PS: Our products are shipped after assembly. If you want to change the appearance or the color of the illuminated fan in the case, you can leave us a message. In addition, the photos inside the case on the product picture are not considered products for physical products reference, we are separate offices from the factory, and we may use the same photo as an introduction to multiple products. I hope you can understand.2.Hello, dear customer, I am very happy to receive your order. If you confirm that there is a gift before ordering the product, please leave a message to our customer service, and the customer service will inform you of the delivery time and location of the shipment.If it is an order shipped from an overseas warehouse, please contact us to confirm whether you can get a gift. Regarding product discounts and discounts, you can send your delivery address to us before placing an order to confirm whether the logistics method and logistics costs support the use of discounts. If your country does not support ordinary logistics to send, we will charge you additional logistics costs, and hope to get your understanding.

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    IPASON Gaming Pc Ssd Desktop AMD Ryzen3 CHEAP 2200G/DDR4 Quad-Core 8G 240G SSD/1T RAM/120G

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